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Here are some demo videos uploaded to Youtube - timelapse and realtime - see the “junior” link above for details:

Click to see on Youtube

Click to see on Youtube

Lengthy Install and Operations Instructions here

Setup for use with motioneye here

This is a system for several camera to stream to a server to record, detect motion, etc. versus the standalone esp32 recorder

You also have to put your ESP32-CAM into programming mode (ground GPIO0 then power it on), and you must NOT have the Arduino Serial Monitor attached to the COM port.

After you have programmed the ESP32-CAM, you should get the config.txt file from here, open it with a text editor, and type in your ssid name and password, and then put that file onto an SD card and put it in the ESP32-CAM. Then when you boot the ESP32-CAM it will connect to your network, and you can click its ip to do streaming, take a series of still pictures, download the movies you have recorded to your browser/computer, and edit the config.txt file to different framesizes, timelapses etc.

Click Connect to connect to ESP32-CAM and view console or send the firmware – make sure Arduino serial monitor is closed!

Here is a link to the config.txt file you should save onto your sd card with your ssid and password. The link below has comments to describe the fields in greater detail, or cut-and-paste this little window for the basics.


desklens  // camera name
11  // framesize  11=hd
1800  // length of video in seconds
0  // interval - ms between recording frames 
1  // speedup - multiply framerate 
0  // streamdelay - ms between streaming frames
GMT // timezone
ssid1234  // ssid wifi name
mrpeanut  // ssid password

Jun 15, 2022 – New Version 60.4

  1. esp32-arduino 2.0.3
  2. restore wifi when fails
  3. esp camera mod for CAMERA_GRAB_LATEST
  4. mods to allow streaming faster than recording
  5. correct ‘Header fields are too long for server to interpret’ bug
  6. ap mode for controlling camera without a router
  7. … and setting ssid to connect to router
  8. … and setting time when in ap mode (without internet time)
  9. ssid name is the camera name from the config.txt and 2 digits of mac address
  10. ap password is hash of mac address, etc and printed out on serial monitor
  11. faster more effiecent streaming
  12. more options for multi-photo command
  13. Port 80 for text/jpg, Port 81/82 for 2 streaming channels, Port 8080 for File Manager, editing, download
  14. Start wifi in loop to speed things up
  15. Tidy up control webpage

Oct 7, 2022 – New Version 60.4.7

  1. esp32-arduino 2.0.4

One-Click Installer:
James Zahary - Oct 7, 2022
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